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union-coops:uk is a co-operative that works to develop and promote the fully unionised worker co-op model in order to create decent work for all.
union-coops:uk is a Company Limited by Guarantee.
union-coops:uk has no shareholders, members are guarantors to the co-operative to a maximum of £1 each.
membership is open to all who support our aims. Membership will give you full voting rights at our AGM and any other special member meetings and the option to stand for election to our Board if you so choose.

Annual membership fees are £12 per annum for individuals, £25 for local organisations, and £50 for national organisations.

However we encourage members to make an additional donation if they can. This especially applies to larger organisations who we would encourage to give up to 0.01% of their annual income if they are able. If you’d like to make a donation please contact us via our Contact Page and we’ll send you bank details.

To join, simply follow the appropriate link below, which will lead you to our GoCardless page. By doing so you will be formally applying for membership of union-coops:uk Ltd, confirming that you support its purpose and objectives, agreeing to accept and abide by the Articles of the Co-operative, giving permission to receive notice of any formal business by electronic means at the contact e-mail address or mobile phone number you give us, and undertaking to contribute a maximum of £1 in the event of it being wound up.

Individual Membership, £12 per annum

Local/Regional Organisation Membership, £25 per annum

National Organisation Membership, £50 per annum

Keep in touch
Whether you become a member or not, we strongly suggest you sign up to our blog newsletter in the right-hand column of our Webpages. This will ensure you are emailed every time we post to the blog page.

Our governing document is available here:-
Mems & Arts (Revised) union-coops-uk Ltd