The Age of Google


Commissioned from the late Robin Murray by Co-operatives UK in 2010, this document looked at how co-operation might develop in the future. For Robin, co-operation wasn’t just about forming co-ops, but about transforming the way we live.

Robin particularly thanked the following for meeting him and/or corresponding about issues arising in the Review: Adrian Ashton, Alex Bird, John Bowes, Dave Boyle, Jim Brown, Richard Bickle, Anne Byrom, Bob Cannell, Peter Couchman, Angela Davies, Sarah Deas, Andy Good, John Goodman, Laurie Gregory, David Jenkins, Tim Lang, Alex Lawrie, Usula Lidbetter, Ed Mayo, Martin Meteyard, Cliff Moore, Gareth Nash, Stan Newens, Martin Price, John Restakis, Roger Sawtell, Linda Shaw, David Smith, Brian Titley, Gary Traynor, Andrew Turner, Pam Walker, Jo White, Stephen Yeo, and David Youlton.

Click to access co-operation-in-the-age-of-google-for-consultation.pdf