Decent Work & Democracy

A conference on union co-ops at
Wortley Hall, South Yorkshire on 1-2 October 2021

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  • How can we ‘build back better’ after Covid-19?
  • What can we do to promote democracy in the workplace?
  • Do we have to accept the gig economy and precarity? 
  • Is there a way of creating decent work?
  • What can union activists do to fight for decent work and democracy?
  • How can workers get control over our daily working lives?
The economy and society are in crisis. Is there anything we can do about unemployment, food poverty, empty commercial properties in our towns and cities, and the disappearance of services?To explore solidarity economy solutions to these questions, join us for an interactive workshop on Union Co-ops at Wortley Hall, South Yorkshire on 1-2 October 2021. 
The event combines guest speakers from trades unions and worker co-ops with interactive, hands on workshops where you will have an opportunity to discuss the ideas in the Union Co-op Manifesto

The union co-op is a model whose time has come
A Union Co-op is a fully unionised, worker co-operative, owned and controlled by those who own and work in it. Trade unions are at the heart of this solidarity economy solution: a union co-op offers the potential for a 100% unionised workforce, with the union an essential part of the governance. The union co-op model can deliver improved wages and other terms and conditions by eliminating top-slicing by external owners. It offers us an opportunity to reset the working world, harnessing the collective power of workers, their knowledge, skills and creativity through strong partnerships with unions.

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